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— I’m a pretty big car guy. Driving on the streets, I often notice cars that, perhaps in another life, would be a decent balance of looks and practicality. Unfortunately, the owners of these vehicles have “modded” them into an unholy abomination, in fact, you can hear the poor hunk of metal weep as you drive by. From tandem spoilers on Oldmobiles, to exhausts bigger than the trunk on Corollas, you can’t help but notice this faux-fashion, and laugh to yourself about the misguided taste of these owners. After marveling at a few of these “beasts of mod” in my city, I decided to scavenge the Internet, and dedicate a blog to the family of savage spoilers, 2×4-DIY-bodywork and pants-fillingly terrible paintjobs that roll around on the streets out there.

**I do not own ALL the images, so all credit for the photos shown here are property of their respective owners!**

  • R.S.

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